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ConQuest introduces NetQuest Internet architecture.

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 20, 1995--ConQuest Software Inc., the leading provider of advanced text management solutions, Thursday announced the introduction of NetQuest, a unique, client/server architecture for seamless, World Wide Web access to heterogeneous distributed information servers across the Internet.

Initially developed for the United States Federal Government Global Change-Assisted Search for Knowledge (GC-ASK) project, NetQuest will be publicly demonstrated for the first time during Earth Day ceremonies in Washington, D.C., April 21 - 22.

The NetQuest system will be commercially available in late 1995 to information vendors, enterprises, government agencies, and other organizations who wish to create a complete, powerful and easy-to-use system for publishing and disseminating information across the Internet.

ConQuest's Workbench of full-text searching and profiling engines, plain English client interfaces, built-in semantic knowledgebases, application development and integration tools provides the core technology for NetQuest. E- Systems (Dallas) serves as the projects systems integrator, and provides the geographical information (GIS) digital imagery and spatial data processing expertise which is a requirement for GC-ASK.

Infrastructures for Information (Toronto) contributes advanced capabilities for filtering and viewing compound documents, including SGML documents. WAIS, Inc. (Menlo Park, Calif.) is the provider of Internet communications protocols for the project.

NetQuest represents a breakthrough integration of leading edge, commercially available software components, the unique expertise and core competencies of the partners who have developed the system, and the deployment of key, new server processes: a metaserver, intelligent agents, and a results server. NetQuest addresses the major requirements of a highly distributed research environment.

It provides a powerful, unified, easy-to-use Mosaic interface for finding relevant information, regardless of its format or location on the Internet. Indeed, NetQuest assists users in determining and navigating to the appropriate information sources through its Metaserver, a "metaguide" to sources on the system.

Through the use of intelligent agents, NetQuest queries are mapped into the native search languages of the appropriate source, and sent to those sources via the Internet. The agents can also hold tracking and billing information, for commercial publishing applications. Information retrieved from multiple sources is merged and ranked in relevance order using the NetQuest Results Server.

NetQuest produces exceptionally accurate results, while providing users with transparent access to multiple information sources.

"We are pleased and proud to demonstrate a system which, for the first time, truly exploits the potential of the World Wide Web and the Internet," commented Edwin R. Addison, president of ConQuest Software.

"The concept of seamless access to heterogeneous information servers has captured the information marketplace. The result is great excitement, but also great confusion, as vendors rush to announce products which may or may not deliver on this promise. Other Web searching products use `web crawler' or `spider' architectures, which require the customer to index data in a proprietary format before it can be searched.

"ConQuest's NetQuest is the first commercial, client/server product to provide an agent-based solution which directly accesses the target databases in their native indexed form, and then relevance ranks the returned documents using an advanced Results Server.

"NetQuest delivers today, not only an actual, working architecture, but the power of ConQuests natural language searching to find more relevant information, more easily, than any other full-text retrieval software. This product is truly a best-of-breed first, which will set the standard for Internet information searching."

"Internet usage is increasing drastically, in large part due to the amount and quality of data available to the public, noted David Yockelson, program director of advanced information management at the META Group. "However, it is difficult for users to translate this data into useful, digestible information. The addition of ConQuests search engine and the NetQuest architecture to the GC-ASK system will enable users to intelligently search through mountains of available data and obtain precise, relevant results quickly."

To see NetQuest on April 21 and 22, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, visit ConQuest at the Museum of Natural History (second floor) on the Washington Mall, between 10th and Constitution Streets, NW. To view the NetQuest demonstration, access the Global Change-Assisted Search for Knowledge home page at: -0-


(Please note that this is a temporary URL, and subject to change.) For further information on NetQuest, including pricing and availability, contact ConQuest Software at 1-800-787-1715.

ConQuest Software, Inc.

ConQuest Software, established in 1989, has earned broad acclaim as the best-of-breed for developing and delivering plain English text management software tools to meet the business challenges of publishers, vendors and information end-users today and into the future.

ConQuest and its strategic partners are redefining the information industry: creating new products and platforms for Internet access to heterogeneous information libraries, competitive intelligence, open source research, real-time news management, intelligent publishing, litigation support, market research and other key, text-intensive applications.

ConQuest delivers real-time profiling and retrospective retrieval engines, full Boolean, statistical, heuristic and word meaning-based concept search technologies, semantic network knowledgebases and a complete set of application development tools for stand-alone, file share, and true client/server environments. Only ConQuest builds in word meaning to drive the productivity of information searching, delivering, unsurpassed precision and recall, while being extremely easy to use.

ConQuest is a winner of the 1994 Washington Technology StarTech Best New Product Award and the 1994 Information Industry Association Entrepreneur of the Year Award. -0- ConQuest is a registered trademark of ConQuest Software, Inc. All other trademarked terms are the property of their respective organizations.

CONTACT: ConQuest Software

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