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Fed: Jobless fall will add to case for higher interest rates =2

AAP General News (Australia)
Fed: Jobless fall will add to case for higher interest rates =2

New government data released today suggests the outlook for jobs growth may be better
than previously thought.

The new Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations' (DEEWR) monthly
leading indicator of employment for December now shows two consecutive monthly increases
after revisions, rather than the five monthly declines in the previous November release.

The revisions and the December increase in the series mainly reflect increases in two
of its components - the Dun and Bradstreet employment expectations index and the ANZ newspaper
job advertisements report.

"Nevertheless, it is still too early to ascertain this as a prospective quickening
in the pace of cyclical employment growth above its trend rate of 2.5 per cent," the department

The December index - formerly released by the Department of Employment and Workplace
Relations (DEWR) - was minus 0.105 in December after minus 0.107 in November and following
a fall to minus 0.111 in October.

A "turning point" in the indicator is said to be confirmed when there are six consecutive
monthly movements in the same direction after the turning point.

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