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Vic: Actor Matthew Netwon 'enters rehab' - report

AAP General News (Australia)
Vic: Actor Matthew Netwon 'enters rehab' - report

Underbelly star MATTHEW NEWTON .. son of showbiz golden couple BERT and PATTI NEWTON
.. has entered a Melbourne rehabilitation hospital for an undisclosed personal problem.

The Herald Sun newspaper says the 33-year-old actor has been admitted to the un-named
private hospital in Melbourne's east .. which it says specialises in drug and alcohol

The paper says he was admitted some time this month .. with the support of his parents
and actress girlfriend RACHAEL TAYLOR.

BERT NEWTON .. who makes a triumphant return as host of the annual TV Week Logie Awards
in Melbourne on Sunday night .. has told the paper they want what's best for MATTHEW and
they're with him all the way.

MATTHEW NEWTON won acclaim last year for his role as Terry "Mr Asia" Clark in the second
series of the Underbelly franchise, A Tale of Two Cities.

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