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Fed: Milk prices fall after dairy deregulation

AAP General News (Australia)
Fed: Milk prices fall after dairy deregulation

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says milk prices fell by as much
as 40 cents a litre in the six months after the deregulation of the dairy industry.

And, the ACCC says further reductions are expected.

But while consumers are the big winners, saving more than $120 million a year, dairy
farmers, and small store owners are missing out.

ACCC chairman ALLAN FELS says more Australians are buying their milk from the supermarket
where they pay an average of 22 cents a litre less for plain milk.

Professor Fels says the price in some places has fallen by as much as 40 cents.

He says many have switched from big-name brands to generic-labelled milk, with more
people buying bulk three-litre packs.

Professor FELS says supermarkets use cheap milk to lure customers, and while this is
good news for consumers, convenience shops and corner stores are missing out.

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