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NSW: Daylight saving unlikely to be extended again

AAP General News (Australia)
NSW: Daylight saving unlikely to be extended again

SYDNEY, Aug 28 AAP - Daylight saving was unlikely in future to be extended as it had
been this year for the Olympic Games, New South Wales Premier Bob Carr said today.

Mr Carr said he could see no reason for lengthening the daylight saving period again.

"I would not see it as likely, no," Mr Carr replied when asked if more "one-off" extensions
were on the cards.

People in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania
wound their clocks forward an hour over the weekend - two months earlier than usual to
optimise daylight hours during the Olympic Games.

The early move to daylight saving has been widely criticised - the National Party said
the early time change was a safety concern with schoolchildren catching buses in the

The time change also extended from five to seven months the New South Wales/Queensland
border time warp for towns such as Tweed Heads.

Tweed Clubs Association chairman Rob Smith said it meant businesses in the region spent
hundreds of thousands of dollars coping with the different time zone.

Mr Smith said families also suffered with many parents working over the border and
even school children commuting between different time zones.

But Mr Carr said he was in Tweed last week and had heard no complaints.

"I pay a lot of visits to the country, I was in the Tweed on Tuesday and the matter
wasn't raised with me there," he said.

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