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NSW: Refugees don t care where they live as long as safe

AAP General News (Australia)
NSW: Refugees don t care where they live as long as safe

An Albanian-Australian community spokesman says refugees from war-torn Kosovo just want to
be safe, and don't care if they're housed in remote Australian camps.

The federal government's agreed to accept 4,000 temporary refugees from Kosovo, saying they
could be housed in defence facilities in remote parts of Australia.

Opposition leader KIM BEAZLEY says the plan's a disaster, but Albanian SADIK BINAKAJ says
refugees don't care if the shelters are remote, as long as they're safe.

Mr BINAKAJ says at least 15 Albanian-Australian families have already volunteered to house
refugees for up to two years.

The Ethnic Communities' Council of New South Wales has warned refugees will need access to
health and education services, interpreters and counsellors who understand their culture.

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