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Qld: Beattie declares support for ATSIC scrapping

AAP General News (Australia)
Qld: Beattie declares support for ATSIC scrapping

Queensland Premier PETER BEATTIE has thrown his support behind Prime Minister JOHN
HOWARD's decision to abolish ATSIC.

He says the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission had failed to improve
the lives of indigenous Australians.

Mr BEATTIE says it's time for a new start and it's important to provide service and
infrastructure to indigenous Australians.

He says there needs to be a model in place that tackles the key areas of health, education,
housing and the problem of alcohol abuse in Aboriginal communities.

Mr BEATTIE'S comments are at odds with local indigenous leaders.

Queensland ATSIC commissioner RAY ROBINSON says the decision is a massive setback for
the indigenous cause.

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